What is eBay?

It is an exclusive gateway established in 1995 with the purpose of serving as a meeting place for customers and suppliers throughout the globe. eBay concept is topermit consumers and vendors to purchase products they really need and to sell things they don't want. You can sell several items on eBay.

Is it safe to sell on eBay?

eBay offer numerous plans to make the business transaction safe. Here is below a list of some of their programmes enabling you to deal with confidence:

eBay Buyer Protection Programme
eBay Feedback System
eBay Dispute Resolution Services

Can I sell all types of products on eBay?

You cannot sell certain things on eBay. If you need detail information regarding selling and non selling items on eBay click the below link:


What do you require to have in position so as to have a top quality eBay store design?

You are required to have in position on eBay minimum an eBay Basic Store.
You are required to be a verified eBay member or eBay Power seller

Is there any difference between a custom eBay store design and an eBay listing template design?

When people click your red door/store front, they see a custom store design, it includes a global header that displays on all pages of your store, where as a global custom left navigation displays on all pages of your store. When people are viewing your selling items, they see a custom listing template. Customers can see your products for sale on this page, by the "Place Bid" or "Buy it Now" buttons. This part is actually eBay's "Item Description" part, allowing HTML descriptions which can be very technical rather than plain text and images.

What are Headers, Store Fronts and Templates etc...?

A- The Store Header:

This part consists of your logo, store description and rating line of feedback. It is entirely customizable with text, graphics and links. We mostly use this area to install a larger logo permissible by eBay and introduce your business with a small tagline. It can be hidden if left blank.

B- The Left Navigation Bar:

It is a left side column that includes the names of your categories. In this area, custom design permitted us to install with latest searches, collapsible categories, etc... if required .

The Store front is located on the right side of the Left Navigation Bar. By default, eBay displays a page of 30 items (either single lines or 2 columns of items). This part can be customized to look like a regular web site page, with images, text and links. You may have many of these pages (they are called custom pages) and create a mini website with numerous pages with full navigation. The number of custom pages available for your store design depends on your eBay subscription level:

Basic Stores may have 5 custom pages
Featured Stores may have 10 custom pages
Anchored Stores may have 15 custom pages

C- The Listing template:

Your customers can see your products for sale on this page, with the "Place Bid" or "Buy it Now" buttons. This area is actually eBay's "Item Description" area, allowing HTML descriptions which can be very technical rather than plain text and one image. Mostly stores just need one listing template, common to all products. If a store sells items requiring a different layout to be presented then it might need more than one template (for example, if you sell baby garments AND electronics, you might want diversity of colours and designs for these two kinds of items).

Left navigation bar

can be installed in your auction template as well, enabling visitors from your auction pages to reach your whole store stock in single click.

How much time will spend to create my website?

Actually it depends upon how big and complicated the solution is. If you have to meet with a deadline; eStore Seller is always ready to do so. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your website design features and development requirements.

Can I incorporate my current website design into the eCommerce website platform?

Yes, our very professional and skilled designers can take your current website design and replicate it on your new store. We can also amalgamate your current website's content with your completely customizes website/store.

Will my site be safe and secure for shoppers?

Yes, your site will be entirely safe and sound for online shopping. Sensitive information like Credit Card numbers will be securely transmitted by SSL encryption and display the little lock in your web browser that indicate this information cannot be read by any third party during data submission when people place an order. Sensitive data will also be securely stored and will be accessed by passwords.

Is it a Pre made design?

No, each customer receives a bespoke eBay template design, producing a distinctive look and feel for their brand and product line. Our work comprising a complete verification process so designs are always approved before to installation.

Can I update the shop myself?

You can update the shop by yourself because our stores are absolutely dynamic you can add new categories and segments and they will automatically be added to your custom design. Our shops work with eBay interface which means you can change your grouping, add promotion boxes, create custom pages etc. and the shop will automatically update without losing its style.

How can I get high position in the different search engines?

It is indispensable that you publicize your storefront or listings efficiently to make your store famous and flourishing in the long run. You need to apply a diversity of tools and techniques like search engine optimization, Internet marketing, offline promotion and many more.

How and When can I place an order?

You can very well use "I am interested" or "Free Quote" forms to place an order. You will just need to fill out some of your basic information about yourself and your eBay store. We will analysis this information and contact you within 24 hours. No payment is essential for the preliminary assessment so move forward, write us a line.

How can I send payments?

We accept payments by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfers.

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